About Us

Vantage Dental Technologies


Vantage Dental Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of SW Industries is a leading supplier of products and services to the Dental and Healthcare communities. Since 2004 we have provided turn key products and solutions as well as design, engineering , and regulatory consulting services. 

SW Industries produces and distributes its Vantage line of Dental composite and restorative materials including: 

· Vantage PC composite

· Vantage PC nano

· Vantage PC Flow

· Vantage I impression material

Sw Industries also produces custom dental laser and whitening equipment (devices)

· Vantage-Pro STM Laser System 

Vantage -Pro Imaging and Digital Xray

Vantage In-Office Whitening and Gingival Blanching 

Vantage exclusive Laser curing

Vantage now offers laser material initiation and composite curing

Incentivised Plans

Buy a laser and get Teeth whitening kits