Vantage VPS Impression Material


Vantage VPS Impression Material

The  big name manufacturers have been telling you that a great impression material has to cost a lot; That if you think about using a lower cost material you are delivering a lower level of care. They couldn’t be more wrong. We’re setting the new standard of care!

Thousands of dentists have already proven this paradigm incorrect by switching to Vantage VPS and they have had great success. Dr. G. in Florida responded to our question about impression success with the following, “I am a regular user of Vantage impression material. It always manages to take a bubble free impression that my lab uses to make outstanding crowns.”

Vantage VPS is a high viscosity vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) preliminary impression material with excellent carving properties. The advanced surface technology (extra hydrophilic) along with the exceptional thixotropic characteristics makes Vantage VPS an ideal impression tool in the hands of all dentists and especially the implantologists. 

Vantage VPS Impression Material uses state of the art silicone polymer formulas to give you a forgiving impression material that is accurate in the most difficult oral environments. We developed nine different viscosities and we can help you choose what will work best for your procedures and techniques. Whether it be traditional crown and bridge impressions, denture impressions, or impressions for orthodontic procedures, Vantage has you covered. Most Vantage VPS viscosities also have two different set times, a regular set for more challenging cases or a fast set to make life easier.


  • Ideal working time/setting time ratio 
  • Thixotropic 
  • Exceptional dimensional stability 
  • Excellent elastic properties 
  • Remarkable tear strength 
  • Extra hydrophilic 
  • Void free 
  • Non sticky


Single step impression technique
Double step impression technique
Crown/bridge work
Inlay and onlay impressions
Functional impressions

he certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) have been awarded to DMP for its Quality Management System for the design, manufacture and distribution of dental materials. The strictest registration standards have been met as products carry the CE mark (EC certificate of conformity) and have received clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).( K102836)

Viscosities Available:

  • Heavy      Body – 020-2001
  • Liquid      Putty – 020-2004
  • Handmix      Putty – 020-2005
  • Monophase      – 020-2008
  • Medium      Body – 020-2002
  • Light      Body – 020-2003
  • Clear      Bite Registration – 020-2007
  • Fresh      Bold Bite Registration – 020-2006
  • Pre-op      Gel – 020-2009