Vantage Dental Technologies


Vantage TRIAX Dental Laser

Multifunctional Diode laser

Soft Tissue Management|Curing|Whitening


TRIAX The new standard for dental lasers

The TRIAX dental laser is a comprehensive surgical and therapeutic device that is the cutting edge of technology. It is designed for a wide variety of oral soft tissue and cosmetic procedures, as well as for photo-initiation and rapid polymerization of dental materials.

Improve your practice with TRIAX

The TRIAX Dental Laser offers the perfect combination of portability, efficiency, and performance; allowing you and your staff to perform procedures faster and more accurately than ever before. Easy set-up and operation allows for rapid handoff reduced time for procedures. Specifically designed disposable applicator tips provide peak performance for a variety of applications and procedures including:

· Gingivectomy / Gingivoplasty

· Gingival Toughing / Recontouring

· Tissue Retraction

· Papillectomy

· Frenectomy

· Periodontal Debridement

· Orthodontic Placement

· Implant Recovery

· First Fit Placement

· Teeth and Gingival whitening

· Photo-initiation and photo acceleration of dental materials

· Rapid curing of Dental composite restorations