Vantage Imaging Software


X Ray Imaging for Your Dental Practice

The Vantage DentiMax dental imaging software is an open application that works natively with just about every sensor on the market. The open application will link or bridge with your practice management software, so there will be no double data entry.

DentiMax offers several software choices to meet your imaging software needs. DentiMax imaging software programs link to Dentrix®, Eaglesoft®, Softdent®, Easydental®, PracticeWorks®, and virtually all other practice management software. They will even allow you to capture x-rays from our competitors’ digital sensors! What does this mean? DentiMax can handle all of your digital imaging needs.


Wizard-driven or menu driven? In the chart below, we'll walk you through the different tools and features from our catalog programs to help you determine what will work best with your practice's workflow. Here you can compare dental imaging software applications from DentiMax easily.


Dental   Imaging Software Features


Open   Platform –

Allows   you to use virtually ALL digital dental imaging devices on the market:   Digital sensors, intraoral cameras, extraoral cameras, pans and cephs.

Patient   Management –

Automatically   checks to ensure the patient being passed from the practice management   software is correct. Automatically adds new patients, and prompts user if   patient information has changed so it can be automatically updated or a new   record can be created.

Name   Grabber Bridging –

“Bridge”   from your practice management software to the imaging software without having   to do any double entry of patient demographic information

Real   Time Filters –

Preset   or customizable filters that can be automatically applied to every x-ray in   real time as you’re looking at them. Turn them on and off like a light   switch.

Export   –

Send   digital x-rays to insurance companies or referring doctors in a common format   so that anyone can read them.

Full   Screen View –

Get   maximum use out of your computer’s monitor by enlarging the image to the   largest size possible that will fit on your screen. This comes in very handy   when doing patient education.

Image   Bar –

Allow   for easy access to x-ray images. While treatment planning in Dentrix®,   Eaglesoft®, Softdent®, Easydental®, PracticeWorks®, and virtually all other   systems, click on the image bar to see detailed x-rays. Now you can view your   treatment plan and digital x-rays on the same screen!

Customizable   Layouts –

Create   any series of x-rays, intraoral images, or any other dental images within the   same “mount” (i.e. FMX, vertical bitewings, check-up series, comprehensive   exam with x-rays and photos, etc.). Set any order you prefer for each tile in   the series.

Touch   Screen Compatible –

Use   tablet PCs and touch screens to their fullest without having any hardware   except your sensor. This gives you the freedom to walk from op to op without   having to lug a keyboard along.

Diagnostic   Toolbar –

Tools   to aide in your diagnosis that don’t permanently save to the image, they   allow you to make adjustments in order to better detect cavities and other   conditions. Spot enhancer (spotlight), Spot magnify, Gamma, B/C,   Magnification tools and more.


Tool   Box –

Set   one click buttons to your favorite, most commonly used tools so you don’t   have to search through the menus to find them.

Continuous   Series –

Take   as many x-rays for the same tooth as needed, on the fly! This feature is very   useful for endo and implant procedures.

Multiple   Periapical Layout –

This   is an easy way to create a one time “digital mount” for your x-rays – a great   feature for emergency and walk-in patients.

Custom   Toolbar –

Custom   buttons for taking FMX in two clicks, one click image enhancements, and one   to two click image exporting. Also, each computer can have its own custom   toolbar or we can standardize the custom toolbar across all your computers.   It’s up to you what best fits the workflow of your practice. The customizable   toolbar is designed to save you time.

Image   Macros –

Instead   of applying each x-ray enhancement separately, combine multiple enhancements   into a single image macro that runs them all. A custom toolbar button can be   created to run the macro so you apply several enhancements with one click (an   endo enhancement button for example).